15 March 2013

Revised: DaVinci-punk Wins March Art Lottery!

***So I got a wild hair going and decided to do some extra rendering on Brett's winning description, so after a long night, here's the revised version, followed by the original blog post. Cheers! - DLJ, 03/17/13 ***

Brett Slocum won the month of March, and his idea for the daVinci-punk genre read thus:

"Think of the outlandish costumes and scenery of the planetary romance novels and movies of the 19-Teens and the 1920s as seen through the lens of daVinci's Florence. This setting is what I call daVinci-punk, and it basically asks the question, 'What if the genius of daVinci met a magical artisan equal to his talents, and then Galileo showed them his telescope?' They of course make a space ship."

So I put some mages inside the Duomo of Florence, imagined that a considerable volume of gearing would be necessary to prop up all the parts of the rocketship, and decided to send a young court-sanctioned explorer out to visit the Moon.

Hope you dig it, keep submitting new ideas - yours could be drawn next!


  1. I think the gears are to retract the roof to allow launching the spacecraft.

  2. Totally! I was hesitant to put gearing in, but they logically worked out so what the heck. I was hoping to keep things visually distinct from steampunk.