14 January 2015

Ink Drawings for Backers of the Dunes

I recently completed 26 ink drawings for the the top tier backers of the Slumbering Ursine Dunes and wanted to share a some of them below. I've posted two Cave Dwarves and two Warbears for your eyeballs. Cheers!

09 January 2015

Sketch-a-day 1/9/14: Small Acrylic Paintings

I took some time last evening when work was done to jump into acrylic painting for the first time. I have a potential show for the First Friday Art Walk in a couple months and I figured I'd start exploring my physical medium options.

 These two landscapes were painted on 5.5" x 8.5" 136 lb. canvas paper with a super-cheap knock-off acrylic set and some beat-up kids' brushes, took about 30-45 minutes apiece, and were a total blast. Hopefully I can crank out some more of these when I get some down time in the next couple of weeks.

This first is roughly from memory from the train ride this past holiday:

This second is an attempt at some land near Augusta:

If you have any solid subject ideas for some natural or not-so-natural mini-paintings in this vein, hit me up. I'd love some input for this experiment!