16 January 2013

Monthly Painting Lottery! (I make art for you for free.)

Its simple: I want to kick out some jams! and make some artwork for folks in the gaming community on G+ and beyond, and I figured a monthly assignment for myself would be a realistic goal.

All you have to do to for a chance for some free artwork from yours truly is to click the Kontactr Button at the bottom of this post, fill in the form with your info and a description of what you want me to digitally draw or paint, and your submission will be numbered and entered into a new lottery each month. Here's the lowdown:

  • On the 5th of every month I will run a random selector and announce the winner on G+ and this blog. 
  • I will spend 5 to 8 hours on every piece and do my best to meet the specs in your description.
  • I will email you your artwork in advance of posting and discussing it on this blog, which will happen by no later than the 20th of the month. 
  • If there's time, I might be able to make some minor changes at your suggestion. If time is short and I can't make changes, please don't beat me. I am a fragile kitten and bruise easily.
  • You can submit as often as you like, but keep it cool. Try not to flood me with piles of submissions, as I will grumble loudly and burp acid.
  • I promise not to share your contact info with anyone, EVER, and also forever pinky swear not to send spammy things to your inbox.
  • If your subject line says, "MAKE ART, MENDICANT!!!" I will love you deeply. 
Thanks guys! Spread the word and submit away!


  1. Replies
    1. Right on, Trey! I look forward to reading and image pitch from you!

    2. One's coming, I just have to decide what I want!

    Can't seem to find your username. :) Doesn't work for me.

    Would you do a piece of art for a DragonsFoot module I'm working on?

    I'll try the kontactr thingy again later. Thanks!

    1. I definitely would! You can email your submission straight to me at ironimageindustries at gmail dott com. Word!