17 October 2011

Zebulon Kosted rocks new black metal album and Tight Merch

Howdy folks! My long time friend, Rachid Abdel Ghafour, is about to launch his new black metal album under the name Zebulon Kosted, "Swords of the Hordes," and I was fortunate enough that the he honored me with the task of designing his new logo and printing his shirts!

Rachid rocking his new merch at KBGA in Missoula.

The logo at the top of the image was built in the open-source vector program Inkscape, and was crafted using the backdrop of Triple Divide Peak up in Glacier National Park. This logo you can see at the top of the shirt image. The skulls and swords drawing was scanned in from a good friend of his in Indonesia who gave it to him when Rachid toured there last spring (lucky dog!). I halftoned the image using the GIMP's 'Newsprint' function under Filters>Distorts>Newsprint, which I set to input DPI of 300, output LPI (lines per inch, which is the mesh count for my screen) at 160, and went with the default dot size for that. The resulting halftone was a little large, but worked beautifully with the vector logo.

The combo raster/vector had no problems printing at size as an EPS file, so my next experiment is to build color channels and assign them swatches in GIMP, the import to Inkscape and see if the swatches remain. If so, that means a pre-press technician should be able to output individual color layers from Inkscape much like you would a .DCS file from Adobe Illustrator. If anyone has a good line on a PostScript device for use with outputting color seps in open source, I would love to hear about it. Stay tuned!

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