26 September 2011

Who we are, what we do, where we're going!

Howdy folks!

I'm Dave, a screen printer and graphic designer who has been slinging ink and wielding pencils in Missoula, Montana since 1999. I've worked in a number of screen shops over the last 7 years as well as printing for friends and businesses with my own DIY set-up. My folks and I finally decided to break out and start our own business, Iron Image Industries, to provide top-notch design and hand-crafted prints to individuals and businesses in the Missoula Valley and beyond.
I design both by hand and with digital tools - I use only open-source programs, which satisfies my ethical concerns about  class-related access to technology. I plan to provide information to other screen printers and designers about my analog-to-digital workflow, and over the course of time I will compile precise data on how to achieve excellent prints through the use of The GIMP and Inkscape. Little information about color separations for open source software has been made available on the web, and I intend to do my part to expand that knowledge base.
We can print a wide variety of images on a large spread of substrates - if you have a print project in mind we can tackle it! We primarily use water-based inks for a softer hand to our prints and a more environmentally conscious print process. We do not use old-school pthalate-laden or plastisol inks, and as new ink technology becomes available we will strive to use the safest and least harmful chemicals and processes.
We also intend to use this blog as a documentation of the start-up and growth of our family's business as we pursue our vision of the American Dream. We hope that you'll join us in this journey of discovery, and we look forward to hearing from each and every one of you! Thanks!

-Dave, Sue, and Roger Johnson

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